I have played with..

The King Cheetah

Missing Persons

The Long Ryders

The Coals

Sandra Bernhard

Daveed Diggs

Geno Washington

Annie Stela

Fire Leopard


Limehouse Lizzy

Chrys Ryan

Desi Valentine

Tisha Campbell (with Queen Latifah)

Prescott Niles

I hate it when people say "to name a few" after a list of their accomplishments.

However this list could go on and on with bunch of people you've never heard of... that's if you even know who that bunch up there are.. if you don't, shame on you!

So, to name a few.. there I said it!


I started playing drums when I was in short trousers. Now I wear long trousers.

The first twenty years of my playing career were in England and sometimes other parts of Europe. I learnt a lot!

The next twenty years were spent playing in The United States of America, where I lived in Los Angeles. I learned even more!

Now I have moved back to England and I'm willing to share all I've learnt over the years... you're welcome!